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Angle Magazine logo design

Angle Magazine logos

Angle Magazine is a bilingual arts and culture online magazine based in Ulsan, South Korea. I got involved as a copy editor, web designer and poster designer not too long after I moved to Ulsan in March 2014. Even though Angle Magazine had already established itself as a very real competitor in the expat publication scene, it was still growing into its own image. That's where I came in to help, and working side-by-side with Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Philip Brett, we began the process of refining Angle Magazine's image by focusing on the logo.

Overall, the goal was to give Angle Magazine a visual identity that was creative yet not overpowering in comparison to the work of artists featured inside the publication. Below, you'll get to see the many drafts and ideas we went through on our way to finding the right balance between unique and simple.

Stage 1: Brainstorm

Logo ideas round 1

At this point, all we knew for sure was that we wanted sharp edges, maybe a circular feature, and a color scheme using some combination of green, blue and purple. Philip let me go all out with creativity here.

Stage 2: Focus on typography + silhouettes

Logo ideas round 2

At this point, we took our the circle idea and instead decided to experiment with A+M combinations and potential silhouettes.

Stage 3: Taking the best of Stage 2 and bringing back the circle focus

Logo ideas round 3

Finally, we took our favorite parts from the A+M combinations, chose our exact color hues, and combined everything with our original idea of having a circular focus.

Stage 4: Final logo refinement

Angle Magazine logos

Finally, we chose the centered, upright-aligned A+M combination that had the greatest pull on us and was most similar to the previous logo (so as not to break any current visual associations that could have been built by the audience base).

Client: Angle Magazine

Date: August 2014

Project Checklist: Logo Design/Redesign, Color Identity, Marketing

URL: anglemagazine.co.kr