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Big Day South 2015: Promo Poster

As the in-house designer for Angle Magazine, I've got a whole lot of work in preparation for our annual festival, Big Day South. Here's the promo poster we'll be plastering all over town and across various social media networks:

English poster

And of course, since we're a bi-lingual publication based in Korea, our Korean designer, Wondo, took care of translating the poster in hopes of attracting a large Korean audience. Check it out:

Korean poster

About the event, taken from the Big Day South 2015 event page on Facebook:

지난 한해는 음악에서부터 미술, 시와 구어에서 영화 제작, 연극 그리고 사진 작품에 이르기까지 다양한 분야에서 창의적이고 대단한 작품들이 창작되었다. 수도가 아닌 지역에 사는 한국인과 외국인 모두의 재능과 열정이 다시 빛을 발하며 우리에게 아름다움과 감동, 그리고 기쁨을 주었다.

The past year has been another one full of fantastic, creative, and exciting works by people operating in the south of South Korea. From music to art, poetry and spoken word to movie making, theatre to photography, the talent and passion of those, both Korean and not, who live and work outside of the capital has shone through again, providing us with beauty, excitement, and joy.

작년 하루동안 열렸던 축제의 성공 덕분에 올해는 광주, 대구, 부산, 울산 등지에서 멋진 아티스트들이 아름다운 도시 울산의 중심에서 한 주말동안 그들의 재능을 선보일 수 있게 되었다.

After the success of last year’s one day festival, the net has been cast wider to bring together fantastic people from Gwangju, Daegu, Busan, Ulsan, and places in between to showcase their talents over a weekend in the centre of the beautiful city of Ulsan.

이것은 우리들의 축하행사이다.

This is a celebration of us.

Client: Angle Magazine

Date: March 2015

Project Checklist: Event Marketing and Promotion, Consistent Branding, Cohesive Design, Print Design

URL: anglemagazine.co.kr